Our promise of excellence, we Warranty all of our work:


Stainless steel tumblers, Automotive rims and parts, Patio furniture.  We are the only shop that does this because we are coaters first and foremost.  We understand the properties of powder coat and we were doing this long before Yeti came about.

Every Rambler, Tumbler and Colster except the Lowball 10 Oz comes with a lid, however these can be purchased separately.

Every Cup is coated by hand and every image is placed on the cup per customers’ specifications.

Please, when choosing your color understand that lighting plays a part. In photographs the color may be slightly different due to lighting or other photographic parameters. If you have concerns, please call in we will always make time for our customers.

Also when choosing text if it is a monogrammed font the center letter will be bigger than the two outside letters.  It is customary to place the last name initial in the middle but we will place the initials in the order you place them in the text box so make sure you have it correct before sending.  All orders are final so please double check before confirmation.

With custom text or names, the way you spell it will be the way it is placed on the cup.  So please double check your spelling.


Please take note that if your name contains over 7 characters the image may be smaller.  We will do our best to not only give you a good size image, but also make sure your text is proportionate.




Grimm Brothers Coatings is not a boutique. We are an industrial coating shop, which is why we offer an iron clad warranty.  We didn’t get here by putting out substandard work.  If your cup chips or fades or peels for any reason we will repair the cup free of charge.  However, as durable as powder coat is it is not indestructible. We will not warranty a cup that has damage where the powder has chipped. EXAMPLE: If you drop the cup with enough force to dent the cup we cannot warranty chips caused by this.  We cannot warranty human error, but if our coating fails due to normal wear we will repair the cup free of charge.  The customer will be responsible for shipping the cup back to us in this case.




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     Color Samples


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